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Carthage Missouri Police Department

Carthage Police Department has been working diligently to provide the citizens of Carthage, Missouri, with a safe environment. The department strives to meet the community’s expectations through effective police services, professional training, and community partnerships.

The Carthage Police Department was established in 1858 and currently employs approximately 40 sworn officers and 25 civilian employees. The department also provides 24-hour dispatch service to surrounding law enforcement agencies.

The department is committed to providing quality policing services to the citizens of Carthage, Missouri. We strive to maintain a high level of professionalism, fairness, respect for human rights, and dedication to public safety. We recognize that we are not an island unto ourselves but rather part of a more prominent family of communities. Our success as a unit depends upon our ability to work effectively together.

Mission Statement

To protect life and property, preserve peace, foster justice, encourage good citizenship, assist victims of crime, and improve the quality of life for the people of Carthage, Missouri.

We have a vision statement: To be recognized as one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the State of Missouri and the nation.

Our Values:

Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Service, Accountability, Fairness, Responsibility, Empowerment, Vision, Innovation, Diversity.

Our Core Beliefs:

  • All citizens have equal rights & responsibilities
  • Our justice system must be just
  • Our public servants serve with honor
  • Our society builds character
  • Our safety comes first
  • Our successes come from unity
  • Our strength comes from the inclusion
  • Our teamwork makes the difference
  • Our trust in god
  • Our ultimate goal is peace

Policing Philosophy

Police officers are charged with enforcing the criminal laws of this state. They must enforce these laws impartially without fear or favor regardless of race, creed, religious beliefs, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age, marital status, national origin, economic status, among others. The primary duty of an officer is the protection of life and property. This requires that he prevent crimes committed against persons or their property and apprehend those who commit crimes. He should also seek out criminals and arrest them when necessary. Officers are expected to act professionally at all times while performing their duties.


The following procedures shall govern the conduct of the department members during their official activities. These procedures will guide officers in carrying out their responsibilities.

The purpose of these procedures is to establish a basis for standard operating policy within the department. It is not intended to create any presumption of guilt or innocence.

Use of force

All uses of force by department members shall conform to Chapter 197 RSMo 1969, Section 537.031 et seq., as amended.


Any department member may make arrests with reasonable grounds to believe that a person has been arrested before under similar circumstances. An arrest that is made without probable cause is unlawful. A warrantless arrest is only lawful if it is based upon probable cause and authorized by statute 543.150.2(3).

Search and Seizure

Any member of the department may search any place where there is reasonable ground to suspect there is contraband or other evidence of violations of the laws of this state. The search shall be conducted consistently with the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution requirements.

Searches shall be limited to areas where they can reasonably be performed. According to warrants issued by magistrates or judges, searches shall be conducted according to the warrant’s terms. No search shall be conducted except after probable cause has been established.

Identification Documents

Any department member may seize identification documents that appear to have been used unlawfully to obtain false credit cards, licenses, social security numbers, cards, etc. If a person refuses to show his identity card or does not meet the standards prescribed by law, it shall be returned to him unless it is stolen.

Vehicle Stop

Any member of this department may stop any vehicle whenever he believes that a violation of the motor vehicle laws exists. If the officer has reason to believe that the vehicle operator has violated a traffic ordinance or regulation, he shall issue a citation to the offender.

Traffic Violations:

Any member of this department may cite for a traffic violation any person driving or riding a bicycle upon any public street, road, or highway within the city limits of Carthage, Missouri.

Offenses against Persons

Any member of the police department may use physical force, including deadly force, when necessary to affect an arrest or protect himself from bodily harm. The amount of force used must be reasonable and necessary. Deadly force may be used only when all less extreme measures fail to accomplish the desired result.

Civil Rights Violations

Any citizen who believes he has been deprived of his civil rights arising out of his being stopped, searched, arrested, charged, convicted, or imprisoned may file a complaint against the City of Carthage, its employees, and agents. Under no circumstance should complaints be filed with the chief of police, sheriff, prosecuting attorney, or judge involved in the matter complained about. Doing so would jeopardize the effectiveness of law enforcement and endanger the lives of officers and citizens alike. Complaints should be directed to the director of human resources at the following address.

Jasper County Jail — General Information

Jasper County Jail is located at the Jasper County Courthouse in downtown Carthage, Missouri. The jail holds all prisoners awaiting trial or sentencing and convicted of a misdemeanor offense. It also houses inmates serving sentences for felony offenses who cannot be released on parole. The Jasper County Jail has been cited by the American Correctional Association (ACA) as one of the best jails in America.

Amenities provided in the county jail

Inmates receive three meals per day, access to showers, laundry service, telephone privileges, and visitation rights. There is also an inmate canteen to purchase snacks, such as chips, cookies, candy bars, soft drinks, etc. Inmates have access to books, magazines, newspapers, and video games. They may also get exercise through daily outdoor recreation time. Inmate’s families often provide Money for food and other necessities while their loved ones are incarcerated.

The ACA accredits the Jasper County Jail. The general population of the jail consists of male and female inmates. Male inmates usually stay there longer than females because men tend to commit more serious crimes than women, according to a 2014 report from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Jail staff includes correctional officers, detention officers, and maintenance employees. The facility’s capacity is approximately 200 inmates with 24 correctional officers, eight detention officers, two maintenance personnel, and one administrative assistant.

Jasper County Jail Visitation Policy

All visitors must fill out a visitor log upon arrival. Visitors will need photo identification. If you plan to visit your inmate, you must contact the jail before visiting. You may only visit with your spouse/partner, children under 18 years old, parents, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, adult children over 21 years old, friends, and relatives.

No visits are allowed if you are intoxicated or using drugs. Each inmate is allowed five visitors per week. All visitors must remain in the lobby area during visiting hours; however, they may go into the visitation room when it is unoccupied.

Visitors should dress appropriately; no shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, or low-cut shirts are permitted. The shoes must be worn inside the visitation rooms. The visitors are allowed 25 minutes to spend with their incarcerated loved ones.

Sending a Package and a Mail to your loved one

To send a package or a letter to your loved one incarcerated at Jasper County Jail, you must know that all incoming mail will get inspected by a prison officer. They will then be delivered to the individual to whom it is intended. If the package contains any contraband not allowed by the facility, the packages will get rejected at the Jasper County Jail.

You should also note that no mail can be “dropped off” at the Jasper County Jail; it must be delivered through the US Postal Service or a comparable conveyance administration.

Sending Money to the Inmate

Money orders are available at the Jasper County Jail canteen. Cash payments are limited to $100.00 per transaction. Checks are allowed but must be made payable to the Jasper County Jail.

Prisoners who have been convicted of felonies cannot deposit funds directly into their accounts. These prisoners can withdraw from their accounts, but the amount deposited must equal what was withdrawn plus interest accrued on the account balance. Prisoners serving sentences for misdemeanors do not receive this restriction.

If a prisoner receives Money from family members or friends, they must provide the following information: name and address of sender, date of birth, Social Security Number, and signature.

Jasper County Jail Inmate Search

If you want to know your loved one is incarcerated at Jasper County Jail, you can use their online inmate locator tool. The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office has created an inmate locator so inmates can find out where they are located. It includes their hometown, county, state, zip code, and cell block. This inmate locator tool allows anyone to view inmate records for Jasper County Jail.

You can enter the inmate’s social security number, and they will show you their current location and any previous addresses. You may also call or visit the Sheriff’s office and ask them to run a background check on your loved one.

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